AMP for Lead Sellers

The Accelerated Marketplace is a highly available lead placement API, optimized from the ground up for speed and revenue maximization. AMP runs thousands of business rules in fractions of a second, optimizing the time available to create revenue events. The platform supports dynamic tier structures of any kind, making it easier than ever to integrate and start selling quickly! The new Price Reject, and Auction 2.0 APIs allow us to find buyers with bids for your leads rapidly.

Integration Specs: Loan API | Auction 2.0

Accelerated Earnings

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Highly Available Architecture

Fault Tolerance and Elasticity are a key feature of every application component.

  • Leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services, every application component is available in multiple AWS Availability Zones.
  • Generate consistent and dependable earnings, day and night.
  • High volume is never a problem! Under heavy volumes, AMP auto-scales to meet demand.

AMP for Lead Buyers

The Accelerated Marketplace provides premium lead inventory and a rich feature set that lead buyers can use to maximize conversions and value. Our Experiments API allows lead buyers to quickly A/B test any market hypothesis, with use-cases like rules, filters, price points, and API protocols. Lenders with bidding models will enjoy increased fulfillment with our affiliate Price Reject and Auction 2.0 APIs. The Auction 2.0 Bidding Platform provides access to all lead inventory, delivered within seconds. Our lead buyers consistently report better conversion rates and back-end performance. Our Advanced Optimization capabilities allow lead buyers to import lead outcome data for lead optimization using deep learning and advanced business intelligence.

Accelerated Conversions

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Experiments API

Have a Theory? Let us test it.

  • Test the impact of price on volume and conversion metrics.
  • Test new segments and business rules to see if they work for your portfolio.
  • Test Auction 2.0 vs. Price Reject. Let the results speak for themselves!

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